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Let's Ask Katie - July 2024

Let’s Ask Katie
Expert Advice for all your Real Estate questions from Katie Machoskie
Dear Katie,
We are thinking of selling and I’m very handy around the house. My wife doesn’t want me to do so much work anymore. In your opinion, what are some projects I should not try to tackle myself?
Bob M., Newport Beach
Hi Bob,
When it comes to home improvements, there are some projects that are best left to the professionals! While DIY projects can be fun to do and save money, some require specialized skills and knowledge to ensure safety and quality results. Most buyers like to know that a licensed contractor completed projects that require permits to ensure they follow building codes. Here’s a list of my top 5 I’d suggest leaving to the pros:
Electrical Work: Working with electrical systems can be dangerous and requires specialized knowledge of wiring and safety precautions..
Structural Changes: Altering load-bearing walls or making significant structural changes to a home should be handled by a professional to avoid compromising the integrity of the building
Roof Repairs: Climbing on a room and repairing shingles or addressing leaks can be dangerous without the proper equipment or experience.
Plumbing Projects: Dealing with complex plumbing systems, leaks, re-piping, or installing new fixtures is best left to licensed plumbers to avoid water damage and potential hazards.
HVAC Repairs: Maintenance and repairs for heating, ventilation, and AC systems require specialized knowledge and safety and should be left to a licensed HVAC professional.
In the long run, trusting these projects to qualified professionals will ensure not only your safety and peace of mind as a seller, but will help you get top dollar when you sell, because your home improvements are up to code, done correctly by licensed pros with appropriate permits.

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