Let’s Ask Katie - March 2024

Let’s Ask Katie
Expert Advice for all your Real Estate questions from Katie Machoskie
Hi Katie,
I am listing my home and really want to be present for all showings. My agent keeps telling me I need to leave, but no one knows my house like me! Why can’t I stay?
Marilyn, Newport Beach

Hello Marilyn,
Sellers not being present during home viewings can be beneficial for several reasons. First, It’s really important that potential buyers are able to explore the property freely and openly express their opinions without feeling self-conscious. This freedom can lead to a more genuine and thorough assessment of the home, as buyers can take their time to envision themselves living in the space without any external influence. Without the seller present, prospective buyers can openly discuss their thoughts, concerns, and ideas with their agent, fostering a more open dialogue that can lead to valuable feedback into potential buyer preferences and suggest possible aspects to improve in the home.
Second, buyers viewing a home without a seller present creates a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the buyers. Buyers can take time to thoroughly inspect the property, including opening cabinets, checking appliances, and examining the overall condition of the home. This level of thoroughness can be crucial for buyers who are making a significant investment and need to feel confident in their decision.
Third, the absence of the seller can help prevent any potential conflicts or awkward interactions during the viewing. Believe me, I have some interesting stories on that topic! Sellers may inadvertently say or do something that could negatively impact the buyer's perception of the property, leading to missed opportunities. By allowing buyers to explore the home independently, the seller can avoid any unintentional missteps that could hinder the sale.
The absence of the seller during showings can create a more welcoming and open environment for potential buyers, allowing them to freely explore the property, communicate openly with their agent, and thoroughly inspect the home. This approach can ultimately lead to a more positive and productive viewing experience, potentially increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.
Katie Machoskie is a real estate agent and team lead of Machoskie & Associates at COMPASS in Orange County. With over 20 yrs of experience, she has sold over $1 billion and she and her team of neighborhood specialists are ready to assist you wherever you are. Have a question? Email her at [email protected] DRE#01380037 Follow her on Instagram @machoskiehomes.

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